Summary of TI Food Group meeting on 16th Sept

Some participants focusing on food

Richard, Joanne, Rona, Dave, Eric & Steve met at Steve’s house and had another excellent discussion over fresh Oak Tree salad, Eric’s garden soup, Dave’s exotic falafel & Rona’s apple pie. Here’s a brief summary:

Vision and objectives for the TI Food group
We decided to follow the example of  the Transport and Energy groups and to clarify the vision and objectives for the TI Food group in the near future. The big picture should start to emerge over the next couple of months.

Community Supported Agriculture comes in many flavours and we’ll be educating ourselves on these over coming months. We’d like to see a variety of CSAs taking root in Ipswich.  To start the ball rolling Joanne is setting up a forest garden based CSA on her farm and several of us are helping her to get this exciting project underway.

People’s Community Garden
It also emerged after the meeting that the People’s Community Garden has a forest garden that needs some tlc, so we’ll be contacting Susannah to see what we can do to help.

Practical experience
Joanne is offering everyone an opportunity to learn some practical skills by participating in a working party on her farm.

Next meeting
Everyone will be most welcome to join us at our next meeting at 7.30pm on 18th October in Ronnie’s Bar, upstairs at P J McGinty’s.

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