Ipswich Cycle Routes – Ride and Recce, 2pm Sunday 10/10/10

Update Monday:

We had a moderately successful meeting and toured quite a few cycle routes. I’ll be loading up the feedback forms to an online map in the next few days. Thanks to everyone who came!
You can read a fuller report on
Freewheeling Ipswich

Ipswich ride and recce

Helen, John and I have organised the Ipswich Cycle Routes Ride and Recce as part of the www.350.org events for 10/10/10.

Please note: This is not a Transition Ipswich event but an event organised by three TI members in conjunction with 350.org

If you haven’t seen the details yet they are available here:

Please come and support this event! We hope it will be fun. I’ve contacted a lot of people and there have been lots of views of the Freewheeling Ipswich blog.

Although 350.org is a “campaigning” organisation, there is a very practical twist to this year’s event. The information gathered will be uploaded to an online map and can be used to help the councils move forward with their efforts to improve the road infrastructure with regard to cycling.

Please bring pens and paper or notepads if you can. A clipboard could also be useful. Cameras and video equipment would be valuable as we will upload pics and video to the 350 site afterwards. If anyone has 350 flags or flagpoles from last time, please bring them. I have some I’ll bring and I’ll bring zip locks so we can attach flagpoles.

Hope to see you there! 2pm, Sunday at Giles’ Grandma at the top of Princes Street


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I'm interested in orchards and in improving cycling facilities so that more people feel safe to cycle more of the time. I would also like to help exchange skills for green living. I helped start and continue to help run a community orchard on one of the allotments in south Ipswich. I also run a website on green living - www.greenfootsteps.com. This is a worldwide website and anyone with a skill to share or an insight into green living methods and ideas is welcome to submit articles.
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