Open Space session after showing of ‘The Turning Point’

This film was a great lead-in to a ‘mini’ open space session on some ideas for taking TI forward. Three topics were proposed – John suggested sustainable Transition friendly jobs/enterprises, Dano proposed a look at the potential for, and benefits of, local money and Miriam decided to explore ideas for retaining a village shop (outside Ipswich, but still a relevant topic within Ipswich).

We managed to get a lot done in the 45 minutes left following the film before adjourning to the Dove pub.

The Turning Point had kindly been provided at no charge by the Findhorn community so we passed a hat around and made a donation towards the costs, which prompted this response from Findhorn: “Thank you so much for your donation of £31, it’s really appreciated. By the way, we’ve got a screening of the film at the Sonoma Environmental Film Festival in California 21st-23rd Jan. This should give some good exposure. Best wishes, Alex Page”

If anyone would like to borrow The Turning Point DVD for screenings with other groups, contact steve_marsden<at>btopenworld<dotcom>.

Steve Marsden introducing us to how Open Space works

John Taylor outlining Transition work ideas

Ideas for Local Money

Ideas for Local Money

Transition-related work ideas

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