A shared meal and some shared dreams

Lucy kindly offered the use of her kitchen for a TI gathering on the 5th January. We started with an Italian style meal – a big happy family all sitting elbow to elbow chatting noisily and enjoying each others’ food and company.

TI Shared Meal

After the meal we had a “go-around” to introduce ourselves, as few of the 19 people present had met everybody else before. We continued as a “dreaming circle”, taking turns to say what we felt was important for TI going forward. This format is borrowed from “dragon dreaming” and helps to ensure that everyone has an equal say, no matter how loud their voice. Dan facilitated to avoid too many lengthy monologues and Gemma captured the essence of what we all said on two flip charts.

Thanks to Gemma for drawing this up in real time (click to enlarge image)

Summary of the second round (click to enlarge image)

We all enjoyed the evening and agreed that we should have more of these gatherings in future.

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2 Responses to A shared meal and some shared dreams

  1. Kevin says:

    Thanks for sharing this. sorry I couldnt make it.
    Best wishes,

  2. Heather says:

    Thanks for including the interest I have in developing an education arm to support Ipswich Transition awareness. If anyone is interested do get in contact hbbruce@hotmail.co.uk maybe we can develop something that could support whats going on. Anything from workshops adult education to the development of worksheets to compliment Transition community events.
    Loads can be done.

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