Maidenhall Orchard – another update

Here’s another brief update posted on Saturday, 5th March.

The Maidenhall plot

This is what we have to work with!

We met on Wednesday – about 4 of us, I think (I had to leave early, so I’m unsure exactly how many of us turned out.) We hauled more rubbish away and Susannah kindly emailed me the pics she took when I signed the contract, so now they are showing here, above and below. Unfortunately, no pics yet of our work parties but hopefully we’ll remedy that next time. We’ve sowed a few herbs on one corner of the plot.

I also attended the Allotment Holders’ meeting with Janice (field secretary) this morning. There are a few events coming up which we might be able to get involved in, including the Open Day which takes place in July. We can also become members as individuals – and that entitles us to insurance for something around £2 per year. We can do this from April.

Now we just need to meet again to start putting in some of the trees which members are already collecting…

Here’s a Doodle Poll for the next work session: Poll – please fill it in with a date or two if you want to help. At the moment we have around 9 members – I’m sure we have room for one or two more – and of course you don’t need to be a member to help out with a session. All welcome. We try to bring tea and biscuits. Sessions last for around two hours – but whatever help you can give is appreciated! There are toilet facilities and somewhere to sit and brew tea over in the Community Garden. Their orchard and the rest of their project is well worth seeing, too.

Scarecrow impression!

A scarecrow impression! – picture thanks to Susannah at the PCG


Our first session at the allotments went well. Seven of us met and tidied and hauled rubbish away. Fortunately, a skip was already on site so we had somewhere to put all the plastic and old carpet that was strewn about the land.

We also met with one or two other allotment holders and we spent a few minutes in the PCG cabin, drinking tea and discussing plans.

We are meeting again on Wednesday morning (2nd March) from around 10.30 until lunchtime to carry on the good work – and maybe even plant one or two things. There’s a growing collection of plants which have already been bought or donated which we could start putting in. If you want to join us, you can come into the allotments through the People’s Community Garden entrance on the south side, half way along the fence. Our patch is about 50 yards in, slightly to the left and there is a lovely silver birch on the west side of the (very bare) plot.

If anyone else wants to join us, I think we still have room for one or two more members – please phone me on 328910 if you want to get involved. The idea is that it will be a forest garden and we’ll do some stuff in the community, as well as share the produce amongst ourselves. I’m hoping if all goes well it will be the start of several such projects in Ipswich.

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I'm interested in orchards and in improving cycling facilities so that more people feel safe to cycle more of the time. I would also like to help exchange skills for green living. I helped start and continue to help run a community orchard on one of the allotments in south Ipswich. I also run a website on green living - This is a worldwide website and anyone with a skill to share or an insight into green living methods and ideas is welcome to submit articles.
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