Energy efficient homes and sustainable woodfuel

Two hot topics in one evening!

Barry Hammick from Transition Stour Valley told us about about his journey “from Power House to Super Home”. He explained how he and Sue were typical consumers for most of their lives until a realisation dawned that a life of that nature wasn’t sustainable. Inspired by trips to eco-friendly “Super Homes” they decided to start a life changing journey for their family. A journey that aimed to prove that anyone can make vast savings on their energy usage, without spending a fortune and yet still have all the comforts of a modern home. Barry shared with us their journey to date and their plans for the future, and offered encouragement for us to start our own transition to a low carbon lifestyle. Barry also told us how his plans for taking on the management of a local woodland are developing.

Most eco-homes are new build and / or situated in the countryside. In contrast most people live in urban houses that are anything but ‘new’, with little or no accessible local woodland. Charles Brennan spoke about some of the opportunities, challenges and compromises faced in dragging a typical 1930’s urban house into the 21st Century, and in providing access to local urban woods.

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