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The recent transport group was poorly attended so not many decisions were taken. Here’s a brief review of some of the issues we talked about.

Someone had proposed a giant cube to represent a metric tonne of carbon dioxide. We talked a little about the possibility of building such a thing – and where and how it might be used to highlight the issues of climate change and our problems in adapting to it. We would be too late to do anything through IpArt this year but it was felt that it might be a worthwhile thing to do.

We also discussed the Whip Car scheme. There is at least one Whip car in Ipswich now. We thought we should do a little to publicise it as a useful scheme for reducing dependence upon the private motor car. I’ll try to put a bit more about it on the transport blog sometime soon. I think anyone with a valid driving license can use the scheme. Whip Cars. Prices start from £5 per hour or £20 per day.

We also talked about organising a talk around long distance cycle routes in Europe and decided to contact Cycle Ipswich and the CTC about it, rather than hosting a TI event as such.

There was a brief discussion on resuming some cycle rides to explore Ipswich cycle routes when the weather gets warmer. We thought it might be good to do some group rides which took in cake shops! We also talked about potential workshop space for pre-ride bike checks and/or other more permanent uses. I’ve now talked to IBC about some shed space and they are going to get back to me with more details, pricing etc. There is also a possibility of using space at the People’s Community Garden on an occasional basis.

That’s about it. The next meeting will be the first Tuesday in April, i.e. April 5th. From around 7.30 at the Oyster Reach at Bourne Bridge. (We have talked about possibly going back to the Friends Meeting House, as that is central but it costs, so is not very practical unless we can get a few more people to come. If you would like to come to a transport group meeting but you don’t like the venue or date, please let me know your preferences. (Tel: 328910) Thanks.)

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I'm interested in orchards and in improving cycling facilities so that more people feel safe to cycle more of the time. I would also like to help exchange skills for green living. I helped start and continue to help run a community orchard on one of the allotments in south Ipswich. I also run a website on green living - This is a worldwide website and anyone with a skill to share or an insight into green living methods and ideas is welcome to submit articles.
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