Maidenhall Forest Garden Update

Update from last Friday evening:

rotavating the plot

About 20 staff and volunteers and TI members descended on the forest garden to plant spuds.
Susannah of the PCG kindly gave us some left over heritage seed potatoes and organised a lot of young volunteers to dig and clear for us. They were very enthusiastic, despite the dry hard earth and we gradually managed to get some wandering lines of potatoes in. Rik took pity on the diggers and brought along the PCG rotavator and battled through the dust and weeds to good effect.

clearing weeds

clearing weeds

Our volunteers appeared to have quite a good time – despite the dust and rock-hard soil and we tried to extract promises from them to come again before too long. Such collective muscle power makes short work of a rather boring task.

girls planting sunflowers and herbs

girls planting sunflowers and herbs

The next meeting of the Maidenhall group is on Saturday, 11th June from 11.30 am. All welcome. We are still looking for a few more committed members but anyone is welcome to come along and see what it is all about.


Three of us met on Saturday and the main job was strimming the amazing “crop” of weeds. We had the use of a scythe and a petrol strimmer – it was quite interesting to see that the scythe almost kept up with the noisy strimmer!

The plot is now looking almost svelte with most of the weeds under control and almost all the new trees and shrubs thriving. There is clearly plenty of fertility in the soil too as the lettuces and mizuna (a Japanese salad leaf) are growing well and the rocket is living up to its name! There’s also plenty of fat hen… quite good in stews and soups.

We could not see much sign of the orchard mix laid down a few weeks ago – but it has been very dry. Maybe it will spring up once the rains come (August monsoon, maybe?)

We put in a few new herbs and quite a good number of beans and other plants. We also took out a small fence so now the border with the road looks a bit tidier and it will be easier to park there should the need arise.

We now have a spare key so that member who don’t have a key can borrow one. You can also get a (refundable) £5 key from Janice the field secretary if you want. We are still looking for a couple more members and any help or input is always welcome.

Susannah (People’s Community Garden) is going to lend us some volunteer labour on the 27th – so come on down and lend a hand, too if you can. We are going to plant spuds in the middle. This will act as a weed deterrent and give us a relatively easy crop, too.

The next meeting after that is likely to be in early June, in the week.

I’ll try to post pics soon.

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  1. Steve M says:

    Truly inspirational – Transition in action!

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