Thorington Barn Wind Turbine project

Thorington site map

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  1. Iratus says:

    The regulations which govern noise emissions from wind turbines were drawn up by wind energy insiders (the NWG) 16 years when turbines were much smaller in size. They are not fit for purpose and do not provide protection to residential homes situated close to wind turbines. Take a look at wind shear, amplitude modulation and low frequency noise before thinking that wind turbines are noiseless-they aren’t. If you want to look at a country which is ahead of us in the wind generation stakes, look at Denmark. They have virtually stopped building onshore windfarms due to the objections of ordinary citizens The electricity they produce is sold cheaply to the Norwegians and Swedes who buy it cheap, power up their own hydro schemes and then sell it back at twice the price. Hence Danish electricity is the most expensive in Europe. The Danes have a compensation scheme for homes near to wind turbines to compensate them for loss of value-the wind industry in UK does not even recognise this as a problem. They also do not include background noise in their assessments of noise diturbance, in this country we do and householders have much less protection. Try googling “wind turbines and proximity to homes: the impact of wind turbines and noise on health” by Barbara Frey and Peter Hadden. If you live round there, be very worried. Yes, we need to invest in renewable energy but there needs to be a level playing field of regulation to protect householders near wind farms, at present the regulations are totally skewed in favour of the wind industry.

  2. richard says:

    See that map, Iratus? That great big linear feature going upper left to mid-right?

    It’s called a dual carriageway. Ever stood next to one? they are freakin’ LOUD. You may have other axes to grind w.r.t the turbine proposal but people don’t live in Pinewood because they seek bucolic rural charm punctuated by the occasional sound of blackbirds and robins. I’ve stood under the wind turbine at Lowestoft, to record the sound, as it happens. You’d struggle to hear it next to the A14 even in a gale because of the incessant sound of great big trucks climbing the grade to Wherstead on their way to Felixstowe.

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