Ipswich Festival of Green Ideas, Saturday 12th May

Interested in green issues – from fixing your bike (bring it along!) or growing your own food to global concerns about climate change and population?  Then come to Ipswich’s second Festival of Green Ideas, being organised by Ipswich Quakers and Transition Ipswich on Saturday 12th May at the Quaker Meeting House, on Fonnereau Rd, opposite Christchurch Park, 10am-5pm. Entrance is free and the whole family is welcome.

With a wide variety of stalls, talks, films and children’s activities throughout the day there will be plenty to get everyone engaged. Our Local Food Café will be serving delicious local produce and challenging you to Eat Local. During the afternoon there will be a Question Time style discussion, where everyone is encouraged share their thoughts and feelings on the many issues that the Festival embraces.

  At the Festival Transition Ipswich are launching their 30 Mile Food Challenge to the local community during September 2012: to consume only food and drink grown, raised, processed and/or produced within a 30-mile radius of Ipswich. It is intended to be a thought-provoking and enjoyable exercise that will help us to realise just how much of what we eat has travelled a long way, discover the wealth of local food there is on offer (and where to buy it), support the local food network, encourage us to grow more of our own food and shift our buying and eating habits to be more local and sustainable. It could also pose some questions about how we might fare in a future with interrupted food supply and increasing fuel costs.

We hope as many people as possible commit to the full ’30-miles for 30-days’ Challenge but realise that some may find this too daunting and would prefer to aim for a week, a day, or just a single meal.

Our 30-Mile Challenge website http://30milefood.transitionipswich.org.uk/ is going live at the end of April and will provide lots of information about the challenge and where you can buy or eat local food.  We are planning lots of fun events for September to help you Buy Local, Grow Local and Eat Local!

Further information at http://www.suffolkquakers.org.uk/green-ideas.htm

or contact Lucy Drake on: 01473 250499.


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