Community Resilience Workshop

Hosted by Transition Ipswich

The aim of this free, practical workshop is to devise new projects to increase Ipswich’s
resilience to economic crisis, resource depletion and climate change – and improve our

Here is the poster and further details below:


Here are slightly fuller details:

It’s easy to slip into despondency, thinking ‘there’s nothing I can do in the face of massive global
changes which are outside anyone’s control’. Transition offers a different way of thinking and
fosters projects that are making a real difference at the local level. But it needs people like you
to make it happen.

Here in Ipswich, a range of initiatives are already well underway including (check out the links)
a community supported agriculture scheme, a community orchard, a food co-op, a pig club,
a local food challenge and a housing co-op. Each of these was started by one or two people
with the germ of an idea and a “can do” attitude that inspired others to join in.

The workshop on January 23rd will build on these successes and explore new initiatives. It will
be a dynamic Open Space event where anyone can put forward their ideas, debate them with
others and focus on what interests them most. If you haven’t tried Open Space before you’ll be
amazed how natural, enjoyable and productive it can be.

Come and join us to scope out the next phase of Transition in Ipswich
– and bring your friends.

If needed, free parking is available in the UCS Car Park, accessible via Fore Street at the bottom of Back Hamlet.

For more information phone Steve on 07889 751578 or see the poster above. If you can, please print copies of the poster to display. Thanks.

About Rona

I'm interested in orchards and in improving cycling facilities so that more people feel safe to cycle more of the time. I would also like to help exchange skills for green living. I helped start and continue to help run a community orchard on one of the allotments in south Ipswich. I also run a website on green living - This is a worldwide website and anyone with a skill to share or an insight into green living methods and ideas is welcome to submit articles.
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  2. Ron Downes says:

    This is a flurry of excellent ideas and I just wish that I had found out about it earlier.
    I hope to meet a lot of folks this evening at UCS.


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