Sustainability Cinema @ UCS

Dirt: The Movie

Screenings at 4.30pm and 7pm on Wednesday 5 March in the UCS Waterfront Building Auditorium

Following last month’s film about our oceans, the next in UCS’s series of sustainability-themed movies is Dirt! – The Movie.dirt_postcard_front_4x6

Made from the same elements as the stars, plants and animals, and us, dirt is very much alive. But when humans arrived 2 million years ago, everything changed. From that moment on, the fate of dirt and humans has been intimately linked.

The screenings are free, but please register by email.

The remaining films for this season are:

Weds 9th April: Consumed – explores the psychology behind consumer culture and where this could be leading us.

Thurs 1st May: Home – stunning imagery of the Earth from above, from Yann Arthus-Bertrand.

Tues 3rd June: In Transition 2.0 – how communities around the world are taking action to become more resilient and sustainable.

All films are screened twice, at 4.30pm and 7pm.

If you’d like to suggest future films for Sustainability Cinema at UCS, please let UCS know.

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