Autumn forage bike ride

Well the season of mist and mellow fruitfulness has arrived and if you know what’s edible and where to look there’s an abundance of fruit, nuts, seeds, leaves, fungi and roots waiting to be harvested. Of course, it’s also useful to know how to combine what you forage into a meal.

Dave Watson, a passionate forager, excellent chef and champion of local food will be leading a Transition Ipswich foraging expedition this Thursday, 4th September. He’ll take us to some of the sites he knows around Ipswich, show us what to gather then help us to prepare a shared meal.

We’ll be travelling too far to go by foot and cars would be a logistical nightmare so we’ll be using bikes. Bring some bags and remember bike lights etc.

We’ll gather at 146 Woodbridge Road (IP4 2NS) and leave at 5.30pm sharp, returning around 7.30pm to prepare and enjoy our meal.

Spaces are limited so if you’d like to join us sign here up now!

wild garlic bicycle foraging

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