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Resilient Livelihoods Meeting, UCS 28 April

Our Resilient Livelihoods theme is focusing on how we can create new community based businesses to help make the local economy more resilient to impacts from climate change, peak oil, resource depletion and economic uncertainty. The aim is that such … Continue reading

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Community Supported Agriculture team raising Polytunnel at the Oak Tree Low Carbon Farm

The willing volunteers of the community supported agriculture project made a great job of raising the first polytunnel on the 16th April  – the first job is trenching either side of the frame Many more pictures of how we raised … Continue reading

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12V Solar Lighting System

For the last six months, I’ve used a solar powered lighting system for a reading light and mood lighting at home, storing sunlight for later usage. This is all about resilience rather than energy saving as such – with this … Continue reading

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Planting Trees at the Oak Tree Forest Garden

Some TI participants helped planting trees at the Oak Tree forest garden, we had a great time following up last year’s planting with some of the fruit trees to go in the Forest Garden. A forest garden is a multilayer … Continue reading

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Biochar talk by Dave Faulkner at the Energy Group meeting 30 Jan 2011

Dave Faulkner from Climate Associates presented a talk about biochar. This is where wood or other biomass is heated under controlled conditions to drive off woodgas (syngas) which can be used to power internal combustion engines. If the process is … Continue reading

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Resilient Livelihoods meeting on Burns Night 26 Jan 2011

This was an excellent first meeting and we surfaced a lot of brilliant opportunities and got a sense of some of the major challenges too. We agreed that establishing social enterprises to deliver products and services that increase community resilence … Continue reading

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TI 6 monthly health check

Personalities and communication styles had been causing serious problems in TI for some time so a dozen of the most active participants decided to address these issues respectfully and honestly instead of trying to ignore them. We arranged a properly … Continue reading

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TI visit to Campsea Ash Game Auction

Campsea Ash Game Auctions are held near Woodbridge on Mondays in season, and are an economical way to get local game, including rabbits and pheasants from local shoots, or in the case of the rabbits, sometimes caught using ferrets. The … Continue reading

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A shared meal and some shared dreams

Lucy kindly offered the use of her kitchen for a TI gathering on the 5th January. We started with an Italian style meal – a big happy family all sitting elbow to elbow chatting noisily and enjoying each others’ food and company. … Continue reading

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Open Space session after showing of ‘The Turning Point’

This film was a great lead-in to a ‘mini’ open space session on some ideas for taking TI forward. Three topics were proposed – John suggested sustainable Transition friendly jobs/enterprises, Dano proposed a look at the potential for, and benefits of, local money … Continue reading

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