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Recommended Reading

The Transition Handbook (we now have copies of this for sale – £10 each)

The Transition Primer – An introduction to Transition Towns

The Transition Town movement offers positive ideas for low-carbon living (from The Guardian)

Article about a Transition Town in Wales (from The Guardian)

4 Responses to Getting Involved!

  1. Steve Pritchard says:

    I can’t find anything about the Transition Training on the website. It’s on, but shouldn’t it be on here too?

  2. richard says:

    Hi Steve,

    More info is posted on the Forum at



  3. Louisa Jones says:

    Hi there,

    I work in a primary school in Ipswich. Do you currently come into schools to give talks/work with children?


  4. Tony Butler says:

    The Museum is hosting an event as part of New Economics Foundation’s nationwide Festival of Transition. The Festival gives people the opportunity to do something positive about climate change and the economic crisis in their own communities.

    The Festival combines a series of organised events at festivals, museums and institutions around the country with an open invitation to schools, workplaces and community groups to stage their own ‘real-life experiments’ in living differently. Full details of Festival events can be found at

    New Economics Foundation, Festival of Transition event at Museum of East Anglian Life
    Wednesday June 13 7pm

    What if… The Sea Keeps Rising

    Tony Butler
    Museum of East Anglian Life
    IP14 1DL
    Twitter: tonybutler1

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