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As part of Transition Ipswich one of our challenges is to power Ipswich using sustainable sources.  In a nutshell this means moving towards renewable energy and moving away from fossil fuels.  In the long term Ipswich (and everywhere else) will need to be pretty much fossil fuel free.  We need to start somewhere.  So we’re starting from where we are now!

We want to consider the full range of renewable options.  The current contenders are solar, wind, biomass and hydroelectricity.  In the long run all of these options will have a part to play in powering Ipswich.

We are looking at big solutions and small solutions.
On the small side we are looking into options for bulk buying Solar PV installations, with the aim of reducing the cost for individual households.  On the big side our initial focus is on installing a commercial sized wind turbine on the edge of Ipswich.  This installation would be community owned with all profits being ploughed back into other energy projects in the community.

All of these projects are in some way affected by the Government’s proposed Feed In Tariffs (FiTs).  These will guarantee a fixed price for electricity generated by renewable means and they greatly reduce the payback period for such projects.

Government grants are available to help with various aspects of making this happen.  All it takes is a few committed individuals to arrange and co-ordinate things and we’ll be on the road to a fossil fuel free Ipswich in no time!

The Energy Group meets on the last Sunday of each month at 7.30pm – for details of the next meeting see our events list.

If you would like to get involved in any way please contact:

Roy Adams
Phone: 01473 411017
Post: “Solaybri”, 16 Fitzwilliam Close, Ipswich. IP2 9ST

2 Responses to Energy Group

  1. Patrick Taylor says:

    I understand you might be looking for properties to take part in the shared purchase of PV installations with a view to obtaining a bulk discount: I am considering this option for my own house and might like to take part; my house is an end terrace and has a clear south facing roofslope

  2. Jonas Grist says:

    Dear Patrick,
    you kindly submitted your property as a case study to the Suffolk Green Buildings Network site (
    However we do not have you contact details (e-mail and phone).
    Would you mind sending it to me at my e-mail address below?
    Thanks, Jonas Grist – on behalf of the Suffolk Green Buildings Network

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