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  1. Hi,
    I follow you on Twitter as Localskillswap, a website for finding people locally to swap skills, and I am also a founding member of Crystal Palace Transition Town. I’m interested in Transition Towns as the objectives resonate with Localskillswap, and we have a lot of goals in common such as being more connected with your own neighbourhood, developing a sense of community, discovering (or re-discovering) your neighbours, tapping into local resources, developing a sense of self-sufficiency and of course sharing or swapping skills old and new.

    I’m writing as although I started Localskillswap in Crystal Palace in London, I am trying to get skill swapping going across the country in different local groups. The network is growing steadily but I am trying to grow it faster by word of mouth and reciprocal links, which is where I am hoping you might be interested, since our organisations share so much common ground. We do have a group for Suffolk with a handful of members, and I wondered if you would be interested in getting a group started for Ipswich to serve your members? If you have like-minded members interested in bartering skills and getting things done for free, we could start a new local group? is free to join, and free to use, it would take no more than 5-10 minutes of your time to get this started. In addition, if you were interested, perhaps we could organise a reciprocal link so we could work together to promote each other. It would require no further input on your behalf after that, other than for you to make use of the website as a resource, perhaps for getting people to take part in re-skilling or skill sharing days as we did in Crystal Palace (see here for further details on that: )

    By way of introduction to the website, this is what you can do once you join:
    – you can reference the skills directory of members in your local area
    – you look at individual member profiles
    – you can approach members directly to see if they will swap skills with you or you can post “adverts” on the local home page
    – you can ask and answer local knowledge questions
    – you can use the website as a reference for like-minded trades people (i.e., those with an interest in the community)
    – you can use the website to promote yourself and your skills
    – most importantly you can swap skills and get things done for free without leaving your neighbourhood!

    I’d be very grateful if you would let me know if a new group would be of interest to you, it would be fantastic if we could work together in this virtual way.

    Kind regards,


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