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By 2030 all of the community’s needs for transport of people, food and other goods within the town, and for essential services, will be met with cycles and vehicles that can be powered and maintained using local resources. Transport links between Ipswich and other places will also be sufficient to meet the community’s needs.


Rapidly increasing oil prices and scarcity of oil could make it difficult to transport people, food and other goods to and from Ipswich and within the town. We could all suffer from shortages of food and essential goods and low income families and people with limited mobility would be especially vulnerable. Public transport and essential services could also be impacted. Transport of people, food and goods between Ipswich and other places is also likely to become more difficult and costly.

Potential Projects

Electric vehicles

We are bidding for funding for an electric car to be added to a local car club and we are supporting the Plugged in Places bid for provision of recharging points across the East of England.

Bicycle trailers

We submitted an entry to the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership Community Challenge which was effectively a bid for £5,000 to enable us to design and build 4 large bicycle trailers for people to hire as needed. The intention was to design trailers that could be built from locally sourced re-used or recycled materials, and to employ people from local community groups in trailer manufacture and maintenance. Our bid was unsuccessful, but could still form the basis for a project if the necessary resources can be obtained.


There is already some local expertise in biodiesel production and the scope for extending this could be studied.

Getting involved!

If you would like to get involved please contact:

Kevin Ablitt- 07887 788972 sales[at]
(replace [at] with the @ sign)

The Transport Group meets on the first Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm – for details of the next meeting see our events list.

And there’s more!

if you want to see what we’ve been getting up to, select the “Transport News” menu option or click here..

Bicycle racks in Ipswich - original picture by Peter Miller of ItoWorld

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