Resilient Livelihoods

This Transition Ipswich theme focuses on social entrepreneurship.

It’s aim is to create local enterprises that:

  • make a valuable contribution to Ipswich communities,
  • increase community resilience to threats like peak oil and climate change,
  • help to build a resilient local economy that has little or no dependence on fossil fuels,
  • provide fair, meaningful and secure jobs for local people.

This theme is also looking at the potential for a local currency, which could also boost the local economy.

Details of our current and planned projects will be added to this page soon.

We welcome all involvement in this theme and everyone is invited to participate in this work to the extent that their time and energy allows. Our meetings are listed on the events link and any enquiries can be directed to Steve_Marsden<at>btopenworld<dot>com.

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