Topics, Plans and Projects

  • Independent Media
  • Encouraging people to walk, cycle or take the bus in town.
  • Could we get some of the roads closed on Sundays – like they do in Bogotá, Columbia and a number of other cities – and encourage people to get out and walk, cycle, rollerskate, skateboard, etc.? What about trying it for one Sunday in 2010 as an experiment? Watch this inspirational video! (Ciclovia)
  • Wild food (foraging) – what edible wild food is there around Ipswich?
  • Transition Community Centres: where people can socialise, learn about Transition, plan projects and share skills and resources. Could be established in existing community centres and at new venues designed for the purpose.

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4 Responses to Topics, Plans and Projects

  1. dano says:

    is this section for general bit, inspirations. I would like to add some videos:

    300 years of fossil fuels in 300 minutes

  2. Adam says:

    I really think Ipswich is ready for a rickshaw business; so many students, myself included, without term-time jobs, a need to link the quay to town, and the constant traffic jams…I mean it would be perfect. Also it would probably improve tourist experiences as well as being a practical solution to transport.
    I would be happy to help organise such a business, although can only offer enthusiasm and passion.

    • dano says:

      I agree Adam.
      If you are serious, Lets look at costs of buying, costs of making a rickshaw, insurance, lisenses and put a plan together. I wonder if there is a taxi mafia in Ipswich? Random Camel would also be interested Im sure.

  3. steve_m says:

    Hi Adam – sorry I missed your post earlier. I think this is a gr8 idea & I know several people who’d probably think so too. Let’s get a few folk together to look at how we can start the ball rolling. Cheers, Steve

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